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Fitness & Rehab Clinic is involved in various Sports and Orthopedic Rehab, Health and fitness services in Chennai, India. We believe that exercise is medicine, when given the right exercise with the right dose at the right time. We cater to the 5 to 90 age group !!

We are also involved in educating the community on life style diseases, ergonomics, posture and inprevention of aches, pains and injuries.

We organize workshops & seminars to produce quality health care professionals, health awareness programs for the Desktopers, setting up gyms/health facility in colleges, schools, corporate & clubs, manning the preexisting health clubs/gyms.

Pain relief and restoring mobility are our key rehab goals; helping clients get back to the activities of daily living and sports.

We help prevent / delay surgeries wherever appropriate and possible. We rehabilitate patients / clients after surgery to get back to their near normal activity level. We have a good postoperative rehab record as well.

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Fitness & Rehab Clinic is a dedicated center offering orthopedic & sports physiotherapy and health & fitness services of the highest quality in India.

We have our centers in Bodylyrics, health & fitness studio, Savera Hotel, Mylapore& O2 Health Studio at Besant Nagar and Ashoknagar. Our team includes Sports physiotherapists, Health Fitness Specialists, Nutritionists, Health / Fitness Instructors, Spa therapists sports trainers, aerobic instructors, yoga therapists, Pilates Instructors and Fitness Trainers.

Our team is well experienced and are offering services from 2004. We also liaison with top specialists around the world for expert opinion and client referral wherever required.