Our motto No pain only gain!!


Frequently Asked Question

  • You can call from the numbers provided in the contact us page or book your appointment online from this page. The appointment slots are filled up early, so make an early appointment. In case the appointments are full and you are in pain, you can schedule an emergency appointment by speaking to our physiotherapist.

  • If you would like to know how to manage the pain or discomfort from home, what to bring for the appointment any doubts on your prescribed exercises, please feel free to talk to our physiotherapists.

  • We at Fitness & Rehab Clinic, try our best to minimize the waiting time, however occasionally there might be a waiting time of upto 15minutes, only because some one like you in pain or discomfort is taking a little bit of time with the therapists. We strongly encourage you to be on time for your appointment.

  • There will be an appointment confirmation call /sms approximately 24 hours before your scheduled appointment; however you can call the contact numbers provided in the contact us page to confirm or reschedule your appointments.

  • Come in loose fitting clothes which is comfortable for the problem area to be evaluated. You may have to do some exercises, so come prepared. The physiotherapist may request you to carry your workout shoes.

  • Your prescription if you have any. All the recent reports if you have any. Water bottle will help as well.

  • Usually 30-45minutes; unless specified procedures are to be done. The first day of your appointment you will have an assessment and treatment which might take up to 60 minutes.

  • Depends on the problem most patients require 3 – 5 sessions; while some on rehab take 12 sessions spread over a month.

  • We at Fitness and Rehab clinic are concerned about the clients health and there is no compromise on delivering quality treatment and care. The charges are nominal and you can purchase a prepaid rehab session of 6 or 12; which will work out cheaper. Concessions are given for deserving patients and sports persons.

  • Most of the MNCs cover the outpatient rehab services, however we recommend you to check your company policy on the same. Some time it may require a physician's prescription to claim the bills.
    Most insurance companies cover the post op rehab for a certain period of time ranging from 3-6months. Make sure your discharge summary reads post op physiotherapy required for those certain number of months.

  • Contrary to what people think, physiotherapy should relieve pain and not cause pain. We advocate not to do anything that hurts you and to respect pain. No pain no gain is an old adage. Hower there might be a mild discomfort when mobilizing for post traumatic stiffness of joints and frozen shoulder and in dry needling. All efforts are taken to comfort the client always at Fitness & Rehab clinic.

  • Whenever in doubt put ice pack, ice is the natural pain killer. Do not apply ice directly over the skin, use a thin layer of cloth. Also ice should not be applied to open wound. Occasionally ice is contraindicated, in cases where there is a vascular compromise. Always remember when there is a acute strain / sprain its RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression with a bandage if swollen and Elevation above heart level when lying)

  • Heat and massage may cause damage to the tissues in the acute stage (onset of injury) and aren't encouraged

  • When the pain is not abating with rest and first aid, if symptoms are increasing then its time to get it checked out. Don't delay it.,a timely intervention can speed up your recovery. Get professional advice